Hotfix voor Visual Paradigm 12.0

Visual Paradigm heeft een belangrijke update uitgebracht voor de meest recente versie van de Visual Paradigm modelleringstool.

Moet ik de hotfix voor Visual Paradigm 12.0 installeren?

Het is zeker aan te raden deze hotfix te installeren. Er worden een aantal problemen met geheugenbeheer opgelost. Daarnaast verbetert de hotfix de performance en de algehele stabiliteit van Visual Paradigm.

Zijn er nog meer veranderingen?

De hotfix voor Visual Paradigm 12 herstelt een aantal fouten, maar voegt ook verbeteringen toe op verschillende gebieden. Onderstaand vindt u per categorie een overzicht van de wijzigingen en verbeteringen.


Algemene verbeteringen

  • Fixed a memory issue associated to diagram editor
  • Fixed a memory issue associated to diagram toolbar
  • Fixed a memory issue associated to description editor
  • Fixed a memory issue associated to documentation editor of the animation feature
  • Fixed a memory issue associated to editing in new window
  • Fixed gate is missing in sequence diagram “sent” from an existing sequence diagram
  • Fixed unable to set NULL to table editor
  • Fixed unable to roll back the automatically naming of package header by performing undo
  • Fixed not resetting Call Activity color when undo settled its called element
  • Fixed bad default location of Impact Analysis diagram types
  • Fixed splitting sequence flow not undoable
  • Fixed missing path highlighting in Simulation
  • Fixed an error of Project Publisher
  • Fixed a potential deadlock in project opening
  • Fixed font not retained when exporting diagram to PDF image (font specific)
  • Fixed an input issue related to international characters;
  • Fixed a name displaying problem of grouping (ArchiMate)
  • Fixed an image exporting issue
  • Fixed sweeper causes connector dislocated
  • Fixed bad activation size in sequence diagram
  • Fixed ‘Fit size’ failed to fit instance specification accurately
  • Changed Approver to Accountable in RACI chart
  • Improved the look of pool/lane shape when importing from Visio drawing

Sleek UI

  • Fixed Project Browser not opened when opening a project with no active diagram
  • Fixed a potential deadlock related to description editor
  • Fixed Switch Diagram button not shown in use case details
  • Allowed to just expand “Selector” group buttons in diagram toolbar
  • Revamped Viewless Model Element window to support Sleek UI
  • Made description editor shows the description of active selection in Project Browser
  • Memorized Project Browser state
  • Showed current diagram in Switch Diagram panel
  • Sorted search result in Project Browser

Collaborative Modelling

  • Fixed an issue that may cause user story lost when committing project
  • Fixed Print setting lost after committing project
  • Fixed strange task movement when moving its parent group shape within a pool
  • Fixed an issue which may cause member in Teamwork Server be removed unexpectedly
  • Fixed ‘Revert local’ in new window cause the new window to be closed
  • Fixed unable to show PostMania topic pane in Brainstorm diagram
  • Added direct PostMania hyperlink in some of the emails sent by PostMania
  • Improved task dragging behavior in Tasifier


  • Fixed wrong wireframe label position after being moved in child state
  • Fixed wrong wireframe selection in storyboard when changing selection with keyboard
  • Fixed wireframe label lost when undo deleting a different widget in the same wireframe
  • Not to expand image widget in wireframe once an image is selected
  • Supported naming wireframe right after creation

Requirements Gathering

  • Fixed overlapping of user story text and tag
  • Fixed UeXceler tab wrongly marked modified
  • Fixed unable to remove user story added to sprint by performing undo
  • Fixed description of user stories not being generated to document
  • Showed scenario and reference count in User Story tabs

Code Engineering/Hibernate

  • Fixed a Postgre DDL reversal issue
  • Fixed missing length attribute for primary key attribute in generated ORM code
  • Fixed DDL reversal not supporting index_option: KEY_BLOCK
  • Fixed REST API generation settings not memorized
  • Fixed round-trip does not accept project location variable


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