Modelling tools: Intermedio is partner of leading modelling tools suppliers and offers advice and (customised/in-company) training for these products.
We help our clients gain a better insight into their organisation and how to translate requirements into high quality solutions by offering tools that are both richly featured and simple to use.

Visual Paradigm modelling tools

visual paradigm modelling toolsThe mission of Visual Paradigm International is to empower organisations to develop and deploy quality applications and to model organisations – faster, better and cheaper. The modelling tools of Visual Paradigm make this possible by allowing effective collaboration between various disciplines within an organisation.

Visual Paradigm modelling tools are used worldwide by many organisations. More than 70% of Fortune 500 companies rely on Visual Paradigm products. Visual Paradigm tools are platform independent, fully object integrated and come with a flat design. This ensures flexible interaction and easy modelling.

Being a Visual Paradigm partner, Intermedio offers its clients advice and training courses on implementing Visual Paradigm so that they can get excellent control of their organisations and successfully implement the changes.

Sparx Systems Modelling tools

sparx systems modelling toolsThe ambition of Sparx Systems is to satisfy the growing needs of business and IT users involved in software and systems development by providing immediate delivery and ongoing support of affordable, productive and user-friendly modelling software.
Sparx Systems believes that a complete modelling and design tool should be used throughout the full life cycle of systems development. Life-cycle software should be as dynamic and modern as the systems you design and maintain. The subscription plan of Sparx reflects these ideas.

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect modelling tool is one of the most important tools for Enterprise Architecture worldwide. Enterprise Architect is used by companies of all sizes from large, well-known multi-national organisations to smaller independent companies and consultants. This Windows application is well-known for the perfect integration of various steps within the development life-cycle and for the support of different business modelling languages like UML and BPMN.

Being a Sparx Systems partner, Intermedio offers its clients advice and training courses on implementing and using Enterprise Architect so that they can take better control of their organisations and effectively implement the changes.