Signavio version 9.4.0 (SaaS) is available.

Signavio Version 9.4.0Signavio version 9.4.0 (SaaS edition) has been released by Signavio. This version contains significant improvements to several modules of the software.

Signavio version 9.4.0 Summary of changes

Signavio Platform

Always stay up to date with changes in the dictionary! You can now subscribe to email notifications for dictionary categories and dictionary entries.

Signavio Decision Manager

Thanks to the most recent update, literal expressions now include complex expressions. These are then properly applied during simulation, in the Test Lab and the Drools Export.

In addition to this, multi-instance decisions are now completely supported in Drools Export and the Test Lab.

Complete Release Notes

As usual you can find all of the information about this release, including the new functions and bug fixes, in the full version of the release notes.

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