Boost your business with Intermedio! We help you to gain insight into your organisation, create new opportunities, work efficiently and respond quickly to a changing market. We support you in building a strong, safe and agile business. The result: satisfied clients, low costs and high profits.

Intermedio acts as your independent partner. We look at your organisation from a fresh, objective perspective and support you through the processes of analysing critical problems and making challenging decisions. Our experienced business consultants work closely with you to help you gain a powerful competitive advantage in your market segment.

We provide the solutions that best match your needs and goals whether you need a short advisory session or more complex integrated support. We share our knowledge and expertise by offering business advice, training courses and powerful tools.

Business Strategy

Building your business without strategy is like a journey without a map. It may seem enjoyable at first, but soon gets tiresome and is a waste of money. Would you like to distinguish your business from your competitors and to increase your profit? Our business consultants put the map in your hands, giving you the power to determine a strategic route for your business.

  • Business Strategy consultancy
  • Strategy training courses
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Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Process Modelling

How do you increase your profit and keep your customers satisfied? How do you improve your organisation and make it function more efficiently while also focusing on customer value? That’s exactly what Business Process Management (BPM explained) is about. BPM is a method that helps you gain insight into you company and its business processes and to continuously improve them.
Do you lack time or BPM knowledge but would you still like to have the advantages of BPM implementation? Intermedio consultants guide entrepreneurs and organisations before, during and after the introduction of BPM. With us you will benefit from a Lean approach and special attention to the security of your business processes.
You always remain in control of the changes. Intermedio supports you with advice and, when necessary, with professional training courses to help you reach your goals.

  • Business Process Management consultancy
  • Peer advisory groups for BPM
  • Process Analysis and Process Improvement workshops
  • Business Process Management and Modelling training courses

Business Model Canvas

How do you stay one step ahead of your competitors? Analyse your possibilities with the help of Business Model Canvas and let your business grow! Business Model Canvas is a practical and powerful tool that can be used to create a new business model or to innovate an existing one.
Would you like to strengthen your business model and to create new opportunities for your organisation? Intermedio helps you to structure and develop your ideas using a modern Lean tool – Business Model Canvas. Together we will boost your business!

  • Business Model Canvas consultancy
  • Business Model Canvas workshop
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Lean is an effective way of thinking within successful organisations. The core idea of Lean management is this: You create maximum value for your customers if you deliver what they want, when they want it and at the right price.
Would you also like to see your customers’ satisfaction increase while your costs go down and your profit goes up? That’s possible with Lean! Intermedio will be glad to share its expertise on Lean management. You will learn what Lean is and how it can be implemented in your organisation.

  • Lean (management) consultancy
  • Workshop Lean / Workshop Lean IT